My name is Moe (short for Mohamad). I love laying and sleeping in the afternoon sunshine like a cat. I walk, and enjoy the smell and the sounds of busy streets. I grew up in a concrete jungle called Beirut. I constantly crave shawarma sandwiches. I cook (what I think is good food) for my wife and I, and sometimes I don’t let her eat it until I’m done taking pictures. I dream of the day when we can raise our own children. I teach, and I like my students.
I travel alot.. I like it. I abuse my iPhone and my cameras, each camera has her own name. I like gloomy weather and a hot cup of Lady Grey tea.

I take pictures not to save moments, but to frame them the way I’m seeing them.

One day I’ll stop teaching (at least physics) and do photography for a living. Until then, this is me and this is how I see the world.


I’m available in Bahrain to take pictures of you, your events or your stuff. Contact me via email mohamadr@gmail.com or call me on +973 36097413.

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