I’ve been trying to use this new app I got called “Blender”. I find it hard to choose when and what to blend. This is my go at it for now.. lets see where ill go from here


My Imperial Helper

Some days I think I need a couple of these in class (not the Lego form; more like the life sized ones) to get my kids to work!! Today is one of those days..


A Fresh Start

Ive been waiting for a long time to actually start blogging.. I have given it some time before but things got too hectic and I  lost track of my Blog and forgot to update things and I found myself out of the loop that I was so eager to join.

With the start of a new year, i want to seriously give this another chance. My ongoing photography obsession has been fueled lately with the discovery of some new photography apps that have turned my iPhone into my permanent camera.

So here is to a new year, to a new start… to a fresh start.