Yet another Vacation

Its that time again, I’m packed and counting the hours to head to the airport.


Destination: Rome.


Rome, Italy. The capital of pizza, pasta, gelato, good wine  and all whats yummy. So expect loads of pictures, loads of food stories, and loads of history to come your way in a weeks time.


Till then, peace.

Cool that way

My students at school have the coolest sense of fashion.
This girl in specific is one of the funkiest, coolest and most free spirited kid at school.

This is what she walked in to class in today. And yes they have the flashing sole lights and the roller blade wheel to make her daily travels just a little more exciting!


Time to buy a new Camera..

.. more like time to buy an old camera.

Ive been wanting to get my hands on an old film camera for a while now. My best friend gave me a Diana F+ two years ago which i absolutely adore, but for people who don’t know what a Diana F+ is, let me say that its one of the simplest forms of taking pictures: a plastic box, a hole in it and a film reel behind it to capture the light.

The Diana was and still is interesting to use and dont get me wring i love taking pictures with it, but the lack of control over your final image is pushing me to seek a new/old purchase.

i’m thinking about the 1966 Canon FT, seen below:Image

So for all you Photographers and enthusiasts out there, what do you think about this next purchase? have you had any experience using it and do you recommend it? your feedback and thoughts are highly appreciated.