Another little treasure found at “words bookstore cafe”. This book, which is way more than just a cooking book, offers us a look at a region crippled with stories of struggle and sadness.

It takes you on a journey of two chefs, a Palestinian (Sami Tamimi), and an Israeli (Yotam Ottolenghi). A journey where they build and cross bridges between two cultures that have so much in common culinary wise.

The outstanding recipes and the backdrop of the city of Jerusalem is the very beautiful context of this book.










Finally someone has done it!!!

Bahrain’s first locally farmed, locally grown, and locally sourced restaurant 😀 and I am going to go try it out as soon as I’m done from work!

My Secret Cafe, a project that is supposed to last for the next three months is the brainchild of husband and wife Omer Rana and May Mahmoud. The couple have used the growing momentum of locally farmed and locally grown food wave that has been taking over Bahrain in the last couple months, along with their love for food and knowledge of the local produce market to put together a small yet fresh menu.

From the jalapeno lime fish tortilla to the baby spinach and dates salad, Omar and May’s project is bound to be a success and hopefully a start of a movement that will take the current culinary scene of Bahrain a step up!

If you’re in Bahrain pass by the lovely Bahrain fort and support them!

UPDATE: i got to pass by the little cafe yesterday and got to try their steak and tomato sandwich and their chicken and pepper sandwich and they are everything i had hoped they would be! Fresh, succulent and oozing with delicious flavors, after all that’s what you get from fresh ingredients and a little bit of Love!Today I will go back there to try the “Jalapeno lime fish taco” which May promised will keep aside for me (they were all gone by the time i got there yesterday.

owner and mastermind behind the fresh and delicious little cafe "my secret cafe"

May Mahmood, owner and mastermind extraordinaire behind the fresh and delicious little cafe “my secret cafe”

Time to buy a new Camera..

.. more like time to buy an old camera.

Ive been wanting to get my hands on an old film camera for a while now. My best friend gave me a Diana F+ two years ago which i absolutely adore, but for people who don’t know what a Diana F+ is, let me say that its one of the simplest forms of taking pictures: a plastic box, a hole in it and a film reel behind it to capture the light.

The Diana was and still is interesting to use and dont get me wring i love taking pictures with it, but the lack of control over your final image is pushing me to seek a new/old purchase.

i’m thinking about the 1966 Canon FT, seen below:Image

So for all you Photographers and enthusiasts out there, what do you think about this next purchase? have you had any experience using it and do you recommend it? your feedback and thoughts are highly appreciated.


My day to day idols

People like Brian inspire me to be more, to take risks, and to try and push myself out of my comfort zone.

We both are teachers, we both love our photography and i’d like to think that I have a little bit of an eye for pretty things just like he surely does. One day, and i hope that day comes sooner than later, i will follow his footsteps.. for now enjoy his work.VSCOFilm_BrianRickey09

To create that warm feeling in his shots he uses an awesome set of presets -made by a digital company called VSCO– that simulate old analogue film.